So, this isn’t the type of thing that I normally post (can I even say that only 16 weeks in?), but it’s way too cute not to share.

A six degrees of separation thing happened; my dear friend Alice sent a link to this ridiculously cute video, an entry in the Better Together BC Hands-on Cook-off contest, which I gather is about parents and kids cooking together. The video features Ben and his three year old daughter, Lila, whipping up some tasty looking lemon mousse. Alice’s son, Steven, works for Ben, who is also very good friends with Lance, who is married to my cousin, Julie. Alice wasn’t aware of this connection when she sent the link, she just thought it was too cute not to share. I recognized Ben (who also happens to be married to an old classmate of mine from the creative writing program at UVic) and hunted down his contact info (which clearly wasn’t that difficult with all these connections) to get his permission to post the video here.

Also, (yes, there’s more) I just found out that Ben co-founded and runs this food blog, which I occasionally peruse, but apparently haven’t paid close enough attention to, because I certainly hadn’t realized that he was the guy behind the blog. I think its a sign of a good food blog when you’re too distracted by the content to pay attention to the blogger.

Check out the link below to see Ben and Lila making some tasty looking lemon mousse. And maybe throw them a vote too – you can get to voting by clicking on the link below the embedded video.

Hands-on Cook-off Contest | Lila’s Lemon Mousse.

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