It takes about three days to drain* an Olympic sized swimming pool. Maybe four. I know, because I’ve done it before. I have, a handful of times, drained and scrubbed out the basin of a pool that holds over three million liters of water; I can’t describe what it feels like to stand in the deep end when it’s empty, it’s such a strange thing to seem so small. The deep end of the pool takes the longest to drain, and at the end, because you lose water pressure, the water has to be pumped rather than flowing on it’s own. That last bit, although there is so much less left to go than what has already gone, is the hardest part of draining a pool.

Folks, I’m slammed busy right now. It’s the final few weeks of the semester, of my degree, and I’ve got to find the resources ** to pump out this last little bit. I’ve also been really busy with contract teaching on the side, and every course I agreed to teach has run, which is good, but exhausting. I woke up this morning feel like I’d been in a fight, or maybe like I was at the tail end of a wicked bender. Or a bender that ended with a fight, even. I’m not sure I would have it in me even if I could, but I’m quite sure if I spent time on a recipe post right now, the members of  my group projects would hunt me down and do terrible things to me. With one group I’m going in to elementary schools to teach the kids about sugary drinks next week. And in another we’re presenting on Tuesday on zinc deficiency in the rural Peruvian highlands, which I *could* tell you all about, but I thought instead I’d put up some links to some other blogs I like to visit:

I don’t think Heidi needs any introduction over at 101 Cookbooks. Hers was one of the first food blogs I ever stumbled upon, and is a great source of inspiration. Heidi has another cookbook coming out soon, it’s already available for pre-order online. Do check her out, if you don’t already.

Although Smitten Kitchen isn’t a vegetarian site, Deb does have a good amount of vegetarian content and she seems like the kind of person who Julia Child would have liked hanging out with. I seriously dig a lady who isn’t afraid of a little (or a lot) of butter, and calls a treat a treat.

My friend Erin, who is also Canadian and whom I met in a yoga class in Stockholm, introduced me to Oh She Glows. Angela is living the vegan dream; she quit her job to open an online vegan bakery from her home, and writes a hugely popular vegan blog. Her personality shines through in a big way, it’s worth paying her a visit. And she just featured my smoked tofu gyoza on her vegan recipe link love.

I stumbled across Without A Microwave more recently. I think that Tyla writes tremendously and she’s got awesome taste in music. She recently recommended this album, which I downloaded and now literally can’t stop listening to***.

Karen at Chasing Tomatoes claims to have the most cookie recipes on any food blog. I’m not sure whether or not that’s true, but I know she’s got more than me, and she keeps trying to give some to me.Who I am to say no?

And, in the non-food world, my sister Emily, who lives in London (England, not Ontario), has decided to not work for a year and is writing a blog all about what that’s like. You can read about her adventures here, at Emily Takes A Break.

Enjoy those links for now, and I’ll be back with a recipe post soon, I promise.

*it also takes about three days to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool, and about another three days after that to filter the water and heat it enough for people to swim in it. Draining is much more exciting though.

**by resources I mean things like tea. And chocolate. Lots. Because I’m sure not getting much sleep.

***seriously. I’ve actually wished that my professors would just shut up already so I could turn my ipod back on and listen to this album. I’ve slept with it on. It’s that good. Download it, now.

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