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Summer in the Swedish archipelagos, near Stockholm. Close by, but a world away.

What’s good around the web is a weekly series ere I share some of what I’ve been reading around the web. Each week I’ll be posting links to five nutrition related articles, good recipes, and just general good reads. I hope you enjoy it!

If you’ve got at article or recipe you’d like to see featured, please email me.

1. We’ve read about this study, which examines the effects of three diets in the long term, before. This article, I think, explains things a little more clearly, and is worth reading.

2. New research suggests that flavour preferences are shaped in the womb. Interesting!

3. Grilled sweet potatoes with cherry salsa?! You had me at cherry salsa.

4. I’ve totally experienced this: short on sleep, junk food looks even more tempting. 

5. Dark, leafy greens are summer’s super foods. 

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