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Today’s Live Well post is another in the series by my good friend Lindsay Goodridge.

It’s my first running clinic and I’m feeling a little bit nervous. I’ve never been a participant before, I’ve only every coached them. Is this what my participants go through?! I’m thinking of reasons not to go… it’s raining… I have a lot of work to get done… there’s a treadmill in the gym… maybe my knee isn’t ready… my neck has been really sore…

Then I remembered what I told you to ask yourself… “Why would you want to go?” …because the hot tub after will feel amazing… it’s the first step to recovering and running this ½ marathon… I will feel accomplished afterwards…

So I throw on a cheesy, energizing song and here I am, I’m getting into my run gear! My gloves! my toque! my hat! (for the rain), my new running pants! (I could probably convince myself that I would look pretty cool sitting on the couch in these… but I wont!) My snazzy new jacket! I’m looking like a running all-star! Let’s do this run club!

In Vancouver it’s super important to give some thought to how you dress for outdoor running. It’s warm here, but not that warm. It’s definitely wet. You want to layer and wear some wicking clothing – particularly against your skin. Even your shoes matter here because they can get so full of water that dragging them along can be hard on your ankles and knees.

I’m wearing a wicking tank, wicking short sleeve, and a rain-resistant top with a microfleece layer on the inside for a little extra warmth (My body runs a little cold). I have some wicking pants on with a little wool blend to help with warmth, some socks that are quick-dry, and mesh running shoes. This is all so that my legs stay warm, and my feet don’t absorb lakes of water to drag with me. I wear some fleece gloves, a hat to keep the rain off and some ear warmers.

Some days I get it right. Other times I’m peeling them off or wishing for more. In general I try to wear a layer that if I had to take it off, I could store it somewhere and wouldn’t be upset to find it missing. It’s all about figuring out what works for you. Remember though, if you’re warm at the start line of a run, you’re going to overheat, so plan accordingly.

Right… I was going to the running clinic… I’ll let you know how it goes.