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Hi Friends! Me here, coming up for air. Here’s what has happened since we last spoke:

It’s light almost constantly in Stockholm right now. That photo was taken over a month ago, around 10pm. Now we get a few hours of dimness between 11pm and 2am, but the sun never really sets. I love this time of year!

I finished the last course of my masters program in nutrition! Phew! Let me tell you, that last five weeks of classes in tandem with a new full time job was all kinds of crazy. I’m really glad it’s over. It’s been interesting, the first year of the program, and I’ll really miss seeing the 13 other people who have been on this crazy journey with me. Luckily, everyone is going to be doing their thesis projects in Stockholm, so we’ll be able to catch up from time to time. Now all that stands between me and my MSc is a 10 month thesis project which begins in September – I’ll tell you all about that a little later.

That shiny new job I started? With the temporary contract I was so afraid might go away? Well, last week I met with one of the directors of the company for some half-way-through-my-contract-feedback, and was offered a full time job! Boom! There is still a standard six month probation period (which has been backdated to when I started the on the temporary contract), so it’s another four months and 18 days before I can really breathe easy (but who’s counting?) but it’s a major step and I’m so thrilled about it!


Last weekend, to celebrate my year of school being over, and my full time contract, we dashed off to the south of Spain and spent the weekend in Malaga. We did a lot of wandering around and looking at historic sites, lay on the beach some, ate our own body weights in olives, drank a lot of beer, a lot of sangria, and a lot of local red wine. It was fab.


And in the middle of all this, I hacked my hair off. What do you think? I’ve gone back and had it cut twice and I’m still not 100% happy with it, but I can’t bring myself to go back to this girl a third time. I think I’ll have to wait a bit and then try somewhere new.


Now you’re up to date! I hope you’ve all been well, and I promise I’ll be back to regular posting really soon!.