There was no WGATW post last weekend because I was away on a road trip to the south of Sweden. Paul and his racing partner Björn competed in their opening race of the season, an island to island swim / run race. This is Paul getting doused with champagne after the fellas pulled of an impressive win.

What’s good around the web is a weekly series where I share some of what I’ve been reading around the web. Each week I’ll be posting links to five nutrition related articles, good recipes, and just general good reads. I hope you enjoy it! If you’ve got at article or recipe you’d like to see featured, please email me.


1. The American Medical Association has officially declared obesity a disease. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds for healthcare.

2. Study shows that sweetened milk undermines children’s  nutrition status. This is in the no duh department for me.

3. Traditional dieting slows metabolism despite exercise. Hrm.

4. USDA banishes junk food from schools (sort of).

5. This one is near and dear to my heart… Who is best qualified to provide nutrition counselling?

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