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The Point // The Muffin Myth

The first few days of my vacation were pretty awesome. They were filled with family, sunshine, boat rides, and splashing around in the water. I had big plans to get in the kitchen, take over cooking duties, and cook up all kinds of treats for you guys with some of my favourite local ingredients.

But the universe had other plans for me.

xray // The Muffin Myth

I broke my ankle yesterday while hiking up a very steep trail I’ve hiked hundreds of times before. I decided to do a few repeats of the stairs section of the hike, and on the final time when I was nearly at the top, slipped on some dry gravel and went down under a rail at a weird angle. My brother, who was waiting for me at the top lookout, literally had to carry me down the side of this little mountain on his back.

I’m in a cast and off my feet for a while now, so who knows how long it will be before I’m back in the kitchen. Right now the littlest tasks, like fetching a glass of water, are simply beyond me.

This isn’t exactly the vacation I had planned, but, I’ll find a way to make the best of it.

crutches // The Muffin MythIf any of my food blogger friends are interested in guest posting while I’m off my feet, shoot me an email! I’ll be back with some other posts that don’t require a lot of standing in the mean time. I hope you’re all enjoying your summers!


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