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Kale has always been mysteriously difficult to find in Stockholm, which I find strange. It’s a cold weather crop, this is a cold country, why is kale so dang hard to find?! The food situation has really improved in the years that I’ve lived here. Things that were previously impossible to find have started to turn up in the regular grocery store. Almond milk! Hazelnut milk! Quinoa flour! But lo! Kale remains a challenge. At this time of year there is a farmer’s market in my neighbourhood and I buy up as much kale as I can while it’s ongoing. Here’s a little selection of what’s been happening with it.

kale chips // the muffin myth

For some reason the hits on my Kale Chips post have been through the roof lately. It’s a good reminder of how quick and easy this healthy snack can be, and what I’m planning to do with the remaining kale in my fridge tonight so I can justify buying more.

tomato spinach lentil soup

I made a huge batch of this Tomato Spinach Lentil Soup earlier this week, subbing about 10 cups of chopped fresh kale in for the frozen spinach. It’s been feeding me lunch all week, and is nutritious and delicious!


This Garlicky Kale Salad with Mustard Croutons is like a supremely healthy Caesar salad. It only takes a few minutes to bring together, especially if you’ve done the croutons in advance.

Warm roasted salad with kale, sweet potatoes, apple, and sunflower seeds.

The temperatures dropped dramatically in Stockholm this week, from balmy temperatures on the weekend that saw Paul and I enjoying cold beers in the sunshine outdoors, to yesterday waking up to 1°C. One! What the heck?! Warm salads are great for cooler weather, so don’t forget about this Roasted Kale and Sweet Potato Salad.

roasted pumpkin and kale frittata // the muffin myth

I seriously can’t believe it’ll be October next week! Pumpkin recipes have started flying around the interwebs already, and although I haven’t cooked any pumpkin yet, I know it won’t be long. This Roasted Pumpkin and Kale Frittata is an oldie but a goodie.

kale and lentils with tahini sauce

Kale and Lentils with Tahini Sauce is possibly the least photogenic thing I’ve ever made, but it really is delicious, and a powerhouse of nutrition.

kale and black bean breakfast tacos // the muffin myth

And don’t forget about these delish Kale and Black Bean Breakfast Tacos! They’re so quick, easy, and delicious!

A few other kale recipes from around the web:

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