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I miss being a tree // the muffin myth

You guys, I tried SO HARD to get a recipe posted this week. Clearly it didn’t happen. And I thought I could get it done today, but the few hours I had to pop into the office turned into 9 hours and the early Sunday dinner I had planned with my fella turned into pizza at the office. So, I hope you’ll forgive another week without a recipe, but I promise you’ll get one really soon! And in the mean time, so interesting food, nutrition, and health reads, and a tasty link.


1. I wasn’t sure where I was at on the whole Lululemon ‘thigh gap’ scandal, but this article puts it into perspective nicely.

2. New research out of the University of Toronto suggests that ‘healthy’ vegetable oils may in fact increase the risk of heart disease.

3. Here are 18 things that everyone should start making time for again.

4. I’ve got a schedule packed with holiday dinners that started last weekend and keep on going all the way through Christmas. Here’s some good tips for eating as healthy as possible as we slide into the holiday season.

5. How to talk to your daughter about her body. Wise words.

Also, Erika teaches us cupcake mixology. Like, woah.

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