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homemade vanilla extract // the muffin myth

Remember that batch of vanilla extract I started back in October?

It’s done! It sat in the cupboard for a little over two months, getting a little shake every few days, and turning a deep and beautiful brown.

homemade vanilla extract // the muffin myth

The wait finally over, I strained the vanilla extract through a mesh strainer lined with a couple of paper towels (coffee filters would work well also). The spent vanilla beans got transferred into a clean jar, which I filled with granulated sugar to make vanilla sugar. It smells amazing already!

homemade vanilla extract // the muffin myth

The extract got decanted into little 50ml jars and fancied up with pretty labels.Β I’ve already started another batch, and I think I’m going to let this one sit and do it’s thing for six months and see if I notice a difference in the quality of vanilla.

In the mean time, I’ve got all these cute little bottles of home-made vanilla extract to give away as gifts to my foodie friends. And I want to give you one too!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. It’s that easy! I’ll attempt to send a bottle of vanilla extract to anyone, anywhere in the world. And, since this is the season of giving, I’ll throw in a Muffin Myth tea towel as well. Contest closes Wednesday December 18th at 9am PST.

homemade vanilla extract // the muffin myth

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