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meal planning // the muffin mythMeal planning was a bit funny this week because I’m on my own all week, and we have a public holiday on Thursday (and so a half day on Wednesday). Also, I invited a colleague over for dinner on Monday to experience salad night, and she reminded me that it may be salad night but she’s still a guest, so she expects the salads to be fancy. Fair enough. I’m thinking the fancy salads will be a riff on these, and then I can use the lentils in Wednesday’s egg salad lunch. I found the recipe for egg salad with lentils, and also the Nicoise salad, in this book, and I’m kind of obsessed. The veggie burgers are an adaptation of this recipe, which I am quite happy with and will be sharing soon.

MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Have you ever heard that too many green smoothies can be harmful? This is a good article about why (and how) you should rotate your leafy greens.

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3. How your lifestyle affects your gut microbes.

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5. Waiting for the 8th – the Pulitzer Prize winning article about living on food stamps.

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