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meal plan May 5-9 // the muffin mythAnother week, another meal plan. After I started writing this out I invited a friend over for dinner on Monday, so we’re actually going to have those tempeh taco salads for a Cinco de Mayo dinner on Monday evening and I’m going to have egg salad for lunch. I thought I’d try out this overnight oats recipe to change up my breakfast routine a bit. I’m also playing around with different versions of chia pudding before I settle on my favourite to share here. The carrot salad is from my friend Kellie’s blog, and I can’t wait to try it out. It looks fast and easy, and I just so happen to have all of the ingredients on hand, even the pomegranate molasses! The veggie burgers are these, which I have on hand in the freezer. Same goes for the cottage cheese muffins. For the tofu, I’m going to use the miso glaze from this recipe (which reminds me, I should make salad rolls again sometime soon).


1. What does cancer eat? (Is this fear mongering? I’d love to hear what you think…)

2. Living (and dying) on a diet of unintended consequences.

3. The lure of forbidden food – are you a reactive eater?

4. Magnesium is the secret for sleep problems. (Is it? I’ve been taking magnesium for sleep, and I’m not sure I notice any difference.)

5. Exercise vs Diet. Which matters more?

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