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meal plan May 12 - 17 // the muffin myth

Someone recently asked me if I always stick 100% to these meal plans. Gosh no. The meal plan is a living thing and it evolves as the week goes by. For instance, this week we have a lot of weekend leftovers in the fridge. I’m planning to make quinoa and broccoli bowls for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, but if I’m still dealing with a mountain of mejadra then I’ll shift them to the end of the week, if I even need to make them at all. Anyways, those overnight oats I tested out last week are totally my new favourite thing. I use less banana than the recipe calls for because I find it really sweet, and I love them topped with a tart fruit like frozen raspberries or passionfruit. The carrot salad is also a repeat from last week. I liked it so much I made it again for Paul and I over the weekend. We bulked it up with some chickpeas and served it on a bed of spinach, and it made for a fine meal.

MM_Web_Icon_FINAL 1.The movie Fed Up opened this weekend. Has anyone seen it yet? You can see the trailer here, and read some more words about the topic here: Too much sweetness: all sugars aren’t the same.

2. I really like this thoughtful post about the demonization of sugar. What conversation are we actually having?

3. Coca Cola is removing BVO from Powerade. That isn’t going to make me drink it, but what’s so cool about this is that this change was (whatever the company says) driven by a highschool student. Never think you can’t change the world.

4. Leave organic out of it.

5. More good news in the nut department: Pistachio consumption has been linked to weight maintenance.

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