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Everyday superfoods // the muffin myth

I’ve been a fan of the vegetarian mega-blog Oh My Veggies for a long time, and have watched with great interest as it has transitioned from a personal blog into the online magazine style editorial it is now. I’m sure you can imagine, then, how thrilled I was when Kiersten approached me about writing a monthly nutrition article for Oh My Veggies – especially when she told me that she was looking for someone who takes a common sense, no-hype approach to nutrition, which is why she had contacted me.

apples // the muffin myth

My first post, which goes live today, is about everyday superfoods. You know, the kind of awesome ingredients you’ve probably already got lurking in your cupboards – no need for a trip to the health food store!

I’ll be back on Thursday with a super simple dinner idea for you, but in the mean time, hop on over to Oh My Veggies and check it out some everyday superfoods!

Everyday superfoods // the muffin myth

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