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bourbon arnold palmer // the muffin myth

This week’s meal plan is brought to you by the letter M for Meltdown, which is what I had this weekend. I finished a first draft of my thesis (a whole five days ahead of schedule! who am I?!) in between a lot of tears and irrational yelling, and fuelled by a lethal combination of bourbon and dark chocolate on the hottest weekend we’ve had so far. The beast has been sent off for feedback / proof reading and will be getting some fine tuning this week, but I’d say I’m in good shape for the Thursday deadline.

meal plan May 26 - 30 // the muffin myth

This is a bit of a funny week because THESIS but also because Thursday is a public holiday here. I’ve made a quick and easy broccoli fried rice for a few lunches this week using a technique very similar to this springtime fried rice. Yum. On Wednesday I’ve got a lunch meeting with the other copywriters at work – we get together once a month or so and talk things out – and it’s supposed to be sunny so we’re going to pick up salads and have lunch in a park. I’ve replicated my favourite salad from the place we’ll be going before. Last time I went there I gambled on trying something new, but I won’t be making that mistake this time! Paul is doing a marathon on Saturday, so our Friday dinner will be his usual pre-race carbo load. And yes, I’m still straight up obsessed with overnight oats.


1. I’m sure you can imagine after having spent a year up to my eyeballs in research on sweeteners, I have a thing or two to say about the whole sugar phobia en vogue right now. It’s going to have to wait a bit, but for now, I like this article, particularly the infographic: Sorry, but there’s no such thing as a ‘healthy’ sugar. (Also, psssst)

2. Soy and cancer. To eat or not to eat?

3. Have you heard that American apples have been banned in Europe?

4. “The first step is promoting self-awareness, the trained realization that we are awash in scientific buzzwords—serotonin, cholesterol, hormones, neurons, vitamins, lipids—about which very few people have any real understanding.” Long but great article about why people believe in the magical powers of superfoods.

5. Obesity has topped tobacco as the #1 global health threat. 

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