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meal plan june 2-6 // the muffin myth

This is a bit of a funny week for the meal plan. We’ve got a public holiday on Friday which means a 3.5 day work week. I’ve got a dinner out on Tuesday night (at a vegetarian Chinese restaurant, yum!), a post-defence (!!!) luncheon on Thursday, and I’m heading to London for the weekend on Friday. But most importantly, since the little pool near my office has closed for the season I’ve had to switch to swimming before work instead. So now instead of needing a breakfast that will fuel me all the way through a lunch time swim, I need a tiny bit of something in my stomach pre-swim and then something after that will take me through to lunch. I’m experimenting with adding beans or oats to my smoothies to make them more filling, and yes I’m aware how weird beans in smoothies sounds, but it’s actually pretty good. I’m working on a recipe to share.

In The Muffin Myth lunch box this week it’s this kale and quinoa salad, this bran muffin (aka branners), and I thought I’d try out this delish sounding variation on overnight oats. On to the links. Some good reads this week, enjoy!

MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Diet Lures and Diet Lies.

2. Michael Pollan on the benefits of home cooking.

3. Stressed? Try some dark chocolate. (I knew it!)

4. California wants to put warning labels on sugary drinks. (Cause warning labels have proven so effective on cigarettes, right?)

5. The FDA has just approved yet another artificial sweetener. Just what we don’t need.

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