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meal plan june 9-13 // the muffin myth

This week is all about eating down the freezer. I’ve been in London for the weekend visiting my sister and celebrating the end of my degree, so haven’t done my usual lunch packing to prepare for the week. I made some black bean and quinoa burrito filling before I left, which I plan to use for burrito bowls. There are still some veggie burger patties in the freezer for the burger salad, and the rest of the week is going to focus on veg veg veg. It’s been an indulgent weekend, to say the least. On to the links!


1. Michelle Obama on attempts to roll back healthy reforms.

2. This article is depressing, but I don’t necessarily agree with it, and I firmly believe that prevention is the key moving forwards: Obesity research confirms long-term weight loss almost impossible. 

3. How to get your kids to like veggies? This study says start young and keep trying.

4. Study shows diet soda drinkers lose more weight? Consider the source. (ps – my research showed the opposite in a big way)

5. And here’s an interesting study on the efficacy of taxing sugary drinks.

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