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meal plan June 16-20 // the muffin  myth

Happy Father’s day to all the poppas out there!!! I hope you’re having fabulous days and are on the receiving end of some well deserved pampering.

This is another kind of funky week for the meal plan. It’s a short work week (only 3.5 days) and my thesis supervisor is taking me out for a celebratory lunch on Wednesday so I only need to pack 2 lunches. I’ve got an excessive amount of carrots in the fridge so I’m going to make this carrot and quinoa salad and pack it along side some hummus for protein. On Thursday we’re off to Istanbul for a long weekend!!! The airline we’re flying with doesn’t provide lunch (and who wants airplane food anyways?) so I’m going to make some travel wraps with leftover carrot salad and hummus. Yum! The rest of the week and the weekend will be all Turkish all the time! Woot!!!

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2. What causes weight gain? This is a great great great piece by Mark Bittman. It’s like he’s speaking words out of my own mouth.

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4. 12 surprising foods with more sugar than a Krispy Kreme donut.

5. Healthy diet? Why plants outgrow all other trends. Eat plants, yo!

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