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meal plan june 23 - 27 // the muffin myth

The wonky meal plans continue! I’ve got a really light day planned for Monday since we get back from Turkey laaaate Sunday night. I usually feel like I need a mini-cleanse after a weekend away, and I’m sure this will be no exception. I planned ahead and made a batch of my favourite freezer burritos before we went away (want the recipe?) so I can grab those for easy lunches this week. And the last two chipotle black bean burger patties in my freezer will be doing their thing in burger salads this week. Yum! I’ve also got a celebratory dinner out and the office summer shindig this coming week, so I’ve planned my breakfasts and lunches to be a little lighter on those days. On to the links!

MM_Web_Icon_FINAL1. Being happy with sugar. Long article, but worth reading to the very end.

2. Food for thought: saturated fat intake may influence expression of genetic obesity risk. 

3. Why diet and exercise are not the key to health. 

4. I’m not normally an emotional eater, but during the last week of writing my thesis I totally ate (and drank) my feelings. This is interesting: Emotional eating goes two ways. 

5. Great interview with Michael Pollan on cooking and eating.

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