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meal plan June 30 - July 4 // the muffin mythWait, what’s this? What’s Good Around The Web on a Friday?! Yup! Just trying to keep you on your toes! I’ve got something special planned for Sunday this week so I thought I’d post this today instead. And it has me thinking – is Friday a better day for this post in general, given that you may want to spend the weekend with some meal plan inspiration? Let me know!

Next week is totally normal week! No meals out, no celebratory lunches, no travel, no holidays. Except for just one thing… it’s Canada Day on Tuesday and I’m making poutine for myself and a Canadian colleague! I haven’t quite figured out the logistics, but I’m thinking I’ll make the vegetarian gravy and probably some oven fries the night before and then heat / assemble the poutine at the office. Not the healthiest lunch, but it’s patriotic, right? I’ll probably throw a salad alongside just to keep things balanced. I’m keeping the end of the week on the light side as I’ve got a hen party on the weekend which is sure to be indulgent. The chickpea salad I’ve got planned for Mon and Wed is a riff on this sandwich filling, bulked up with lots of veg and eaten with crackers or lettuce leaves. Yum!

On to the links!

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2. Dr. Oz gets a talking to from senate. And a well deserved one, IMO.

3. The food industry’s solution to obesity (parasites, killing their host)

4. Using drones to expose food industry abuse? Sounds good to me!

5. How food companies trick you into thinking you’re buying something healthy. And here’s Coca Cola using exactly some of those moves.

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