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meal plan july 7-11 // the muffin myth

Happy Independence Day to those of you celebrating today!

You guys, I just realized this will be my last meal plan before I’m on vacation for four weeks! Well, out of the office for four weeks anyways. I won’t be creating meal plans for myself while I’m off work, but I will continue to post some meal plan inspiration and links here.

I know I’ve got at least one dinner out this coming week, but I’m not sure which day so I just planned as though it’s a normal week. Paul is heading to Switzerland mid-week to do a swim-run race so I’ll be on my own Wed – Sun and may treat myself to a cheeky single lady dinner one of those nights (to be enjoyed while binge watching OITNB, natch). Overnight buckwheat porridge is something I’ve been meaning to try for a while. Any favourite recipes out there?

But wait! Before you read those links! Don’t forget you have until Sunday July 6th to enter my giveaway for a bottle of six-month vanilla extract.


1. Detox myths vs reality

2. Coconut sugar vs white sugar: is it healthier?

3. A thoughtful article on what it means to be a ‘foodie’ (and I am so with him on the cringe reaction to the term… can we re-define it? Is there a better word?)

4. Solving the unhealthy = tasty dilemma.

5. Are we allergic to food? Or to what’s been done to it? (really interesting TED talk)

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