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(Photo by Rikki Snyder)

Is there anything better than crepes? I think of crepes as the little black dress of the food world. They’re great all fancied up with exotic toppings and they’re equally great topped with nothing but a bit of butter, eaten on a Thursday night on your couch while wearing yoga pants and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Crepes can be a bit intimidating even for an experienced cook, so I’ve teamed up with Oh My Veggies photographer Rikki Snyder to put together a how to tutorial for making perfect crepes. We’ve broken it down step by step to make crepe making a cinch!

And since I’m BFF’s with my freezer, you just know there’s gonna be instructions for bulk prepping and freezing your crepes so you’ve got them on the ready any old time. Hop on over to Oh My Veggies and check it out!

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