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meal plan August 25-29 // the muffin myth

I had a bit of a wonky week this week and ended up not sticking to my meal plan in the slightest. I had three lunches out! Takeout soup in lieu of salad night, and grilled cheese in lieu of omelet night. Who am I? What this means is I’ve got a good little stash of food in the freezer now. Plenty of kamut zucchini fritters, and a full batch of lentil loaf that I baked into individual portions. So there are some lucky repeats on the menu for next week. I’m also going to add some Hallelujah Bowls into the mix for extra veg (and that sauce!).

Also, the outdoor pool is closing for the season this weekend which means I’ll be back to swimming on my lunch hour next week. This means my morning meal has got to keep me satisfied all the way until 2pm when I eat lunch at my desk. I’ve planned for a lighter smoothie then a bit of a snack closer to lunch time, which will hopefully do the trick.


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