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Happy Friday everyone! Paul and I are celebrating five years of marriage today…. what a five years it’s been. Truthfully, not a boring moment. When we said our vows we knew that we’d be moving overseas, though we didn’t yet know we’d end up in Sweden. We promised to work through things anywhere, anyhow, and I’m proud of us for keeping that promise. Moving to a new country, with a new language, without a support system was certainly a test of the early years of our marriage, and I truly believe it is because we made those promises in front of friends and family who love and support us that we are still together today. I can’t wait to see what adventure the next five years might bring!

We’re in the final days of our vacation in the Pacific Northwest and will be making our way back to Stockholm early next week. This means I need to get my head back into meal planning mode! We’ll be arriving home early Wednesday morning to an empty fridge, and heading into the office almost immediately, so I’ll be relying on a few freezer meals I’ve got stashed away, buying a couple of salads, and planning a proper meal plan for the following week. Now on to the links!


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